Solar/Electric Cars

Beluga Solar lighting has been constantly producing solar electric vehicles, for more than a decade. We have specialists who offer a diverse range of cars with multiple applications to meet all the requirements of a client. Our experts believe in fulfilling the ultimate needfor transportation and develop smart products like electric cars, etc. Due to the ever-rising efforts of our team, we are known as one of the best electric cars manufacturers in Kenya.

What makes us different from others?

Our main aim of manufacturing such cars at Beluga Solar lighting is to deliver and set higher standards when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness of a battery operated vehicle.

The main advantage of the cars manufactured by us, is that our products have additional features like lithium battery system, which comes with various benefits of its own.

The installation of such battery system opens the door to other advantages like:

  • The extended and increased lifespan of such vehicles and cars.
  • These electric cars are even environment-friendly as they will not emit hazardous gases and will have zero emission.
  • Lowered maintenance costs and other unnecessary charges. It is also effective in the long run as it rarely requires servicing and maintenance.
  • Works on solar energy, that is, involves less or minimal fuel costs.

The manufactured cars by us at Beluga Solar lighting are a perfect substitute for other vehicles which operate on combustion-based technology. These cars work on the motto of protecting the environment and are designed keeping in mind the alternatives to non-renewable energy resources.

This is not it, but being a reputed name among China electric cars manufacturers in Mexico, we have paid special emphasis on the fact that our cars exceed the expectations of the client and guarantee them with the best services possible.

Why choose us?

We have been a leading name in the industry of electric cars manufacturers. You can totally notice the difference in the quality of our products and services when compared to others. This superficial difference makes us, Beluga Solar lighting, the name you can trust upon when it comes to choosing your solar electric car.